Easter turkey in a Tandoor oven

Grilled tandoori turkey with Easter-themed decoration and side dishes.

To make Easter turkey in a Morni Tandoor Oven T02, you will need: The sun rises on Easter morning, and the air is filled with the tantalizing aroma of roasting turkey. Families across the land eagerly await the arrival of the centerpiece of their Easter feast. But little do they know, some are about to […]

Curing a Clay Pot For Tandoor : A Guide


Learn how to properly cure a new clay pot for optimal cooking results with these easy steps. Make the most out of your first time use with our expert tips! Extend the life of your tandoor by preparing its clay portion before first use. Maximize the performance of your tandoor with this essential clay-curing step. […]

Cooking with a Commercial Restaurant Tandoor


Commercial Restaurant Tandoor A tandoor is a cooking equipment commonly used in South Asian cuisine, combining the features of an oven and a BBQ pit. Its unique blend of spices, metal skewers, and smoky heat produces an unparalleled flavor profile, particularly in meats and bread. The intense heat creates a crust that is bursting with […]

A Step-by-Step Guide to a Traditional Clay Oven


How to make a Clay Oven Clay ovens are traditionally made of fine clay mixed with grain husks and animal hair, and have an egg-shaped design called a tandoor. The oven’s heat source is lit at the bottom, and the heat rises halfway through the oven to the top, or mouth, where food is placed. […]

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