Commercial Restaurant Tandoor

A tandoor is a cooking equipment commonly used in South Asian cuisine, combining the features of an oven and a BBQ pit. Its unique blend of spices, metal skewers, and smoky heat produces an unparalleled flavor profile, particularly in meats and bread.

The intense heat creates a crust that is bursting with flavor and a center that is exceptionally juicy. For those serving Indian cuisine, a tandoor oven is an essential piece of equipment in the kitchen, particularly for cooking naan.

Morni Tandoor is a prominent manufacturer and supplier of commercial restaurant tandoors in Canada. Their tandoors are designed with both durability and ease of use in mind, incorporating a clay pot encased in stainless steel for reliability and longevity. Their extensive research has resulted in a line of tandoors that offer the perfect cooking solution for chefs of all skill levels.

How does a tandoor work?

A tandoor works by trapping heat inside its cylindrical shape, which can reach temperatures of up to 900°F. Food is cooked on skewers inserted through an opening at the top, while the juices seep down onto the fire below to impart a delicious smoky flavor.

  • Heat-trapping: Tandoors are designed in a particular way to trap heat on the inside. Because of the way they’re built, with only one opening at the top through which heat can escape. They can reach a temperature of 900°F.
  • Vertical skewering: The meats and vegetables are put on skewers and placed vertically through an opening at the top.
  • Juice seeping: As they cook, the juices seep down onto the fire below to release a delicious, smokey flavor into the meat.
  • Intense heat: The biggest challenge with tandoori cooking is the intense heat that comes out through their mouth.
  • Safety precautions: Remember to take precautions for your safety; use oven gloves, never leave the operating tandoor unattended, and keep flammable things at a safe distance.

Benefits of a Commercial Tandoor

A commercial tandoor is a traditional clay oven used in Indian, Middle Eastern, and Central Asian cuisine. It has become a popular piece of equipment in many restaurants due to its versatility and efficiency in cooking a variety of dishes.

  • Quicker prep time due to high temperatures reaching up to 900°F, making it perfect for busy commercial kitchens.
  • The unique flavor profile, locking in natural juices and infusing a smoky, charred taste into dishes, attracts and retains more customers.
  • Ideal for healthy cooking, using radiant heat to cook lean meats and vegetables without adding oil or fat.
  • Long-lasting and low maintenance, made of high-quality materials that can withstand high temperatures and heavy use, with easy cleaning requirements.
  • Versatile and useful cooking appliance for creating delicious and healthy dishes, making it a great investment for any restaurant or commercial kitchen.

Benefits of a Commercial Tandoor

  • The tandoor oven is a versatile cooking tool that can cook a wide range of meats, bread, and vegetables. One of the most popular dishes cooked in a tandoor is naan, which sticks to the walls of the oven, bubbles up, and charms to perfection for an authentic taste. Other favorites include tandoori chicken, lamb, paneer tikka, tandoori vegetables, and fish.
  • The unique flavor profile that the tandoor lends to meats makes it an excellent choice for those looking for an authentic taste. However, don’t be afraid to experiment with vegetables and other ingredients to achieve a delicious, lightly charred flavor.
  • In summary, the possibilities of what you can cook in a tandoor are endless. Whether you’re cooking up a meaty feast or experimenting with vegetarian options, the tandoor oven is a must-have for any adventurous cook.

Why Choose Tandoor Morni:

  • NSF and CSA certifications ensure that their clay tandoors are free of contaminants and meet safety standards in the USA and Canada.
  • Tandoor Morni’s clay pot has been specially developed over years to cook Naan, Tandoor Pizza, and Tandoori meat to perfection.
  • With the conversion kit, you can easily switch between charcoal, natural gas, or propane gas as fuel for your tandoor.
  • Morni Tandoor uses efficient insulation materials like glass wool, making their tandoors low-cost to operate.
  • Their tandoors are durable, with strong and thick clay pots, and all necessary accessories such as metal plates, burner, skewers, and gas hose are available for sale.
  • Tandoor Morni offers portable models that are strong, heavy-duty, and perfect for outdoor events. Their commercial models have a 100000 BTU heating capacity, ensuring that your food is cooked quickly and efficiently.

To purchase a commercial restaurant tandoor, visit to place an order or find a commercial restaurant tandoor for sale. Follow Tandoor Morni on Instagram and Facebook for updates on the latest offers.

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